Can Moral Problems Be Solved in a Completely Algorithmic Way?

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  • Published : March 6, 2010
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Can moral problems be solved in a completely algorithmic way, by following a fixed sequence of unambiguous, logical steps?

In my opinion, it is possible that moral problems can be solved in a completely algorithmic way, either by following a fixed sequence of unambiguous or logical steps but the outcome may not be reliable for some extent. If the moral problem can be solve by using the algorithm, logically, there are only two approaches that enable it which is by the professional mathematician or by a computer system. First, if we talk about the professional mathematician, they are the experts and at the same time as a consultant that can relates most of anything with numbers and algorithms. Thus, with the current life that full of moral issues, they might come out with solution to any of it that optimizing the mathematics in their solutions. For example, the ideas of the TV’s series, Numb3rs, that helps solving in crime investigation and fight crime that comes from any immoral people out there. According to one of this TV’s series, the professional mathematician combines logic, mathematics, social sciences and examination of data from examples and experiments to make it easier to understand that can lead the investigation team figure out the crime scenes. Another approach is by the computer system which can make automated decision that depends on varies information and data such as the owner’s personal history, knowledge, emotions, connections, and etc. In order to enable the computer automatically performed the decision making of a moral problem, it need to know everything that relates to the person who own the problem to draw a good solution or conclusion. This is because when it comes about calculation, there is no doubt that the computer is faster than a human being and same goes to information or data storing and searching. But there are always risks when using computer as a problem solver. Those risks are the computer is lack of the human sense and...
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