Can Money Buy Happines

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Can money buy happiness?

Yes we can!


I love money but unfortunate, I am not having it that often lately. One year before I was working 40 hours a week, at that moment I had enough money to pay the bills, going out every weekend and spend money on thinks I wanted. Nowadays I am not having money that often but I am still having a good time, spending my money in a different way. The point is to continue buying experiences as well as objects.

Recent research, which is done by students from san fransico university, resulted in: students who where spending their money on experiences, overall graded their purchase higher on the satisfaction scale, then students who where spending their money on objects. However, shouldn’t winning the lottery solve all problems?

Lottery winners are divided into two groups, one: winners who were happy with their money and know where to spend it on, two: winners who were having more problems after winning. For instance, difficulties with social live or spending all the money and having debts as leftovers are major significances. CNN interviewed lottery winners who had more problems in live after winning the lottery. Nevertheless, having all things needed should raise enough satisfaction to be happy but what if money was spend on presents for colleagues or random persons.

Clever studies are telling us that: “spending money, not on yourself but on others, benefits ourselves indeed”. A recent test was done under a korfball team who were not performing well. All team members had the change to spend money only on things for their teammates. The significant evidence was that the korfball team won the league during this test. Besides, 165 households who were all having a net of 25 mill or more, have been asked to answer a survey about their aspiration on several aspects in live. All households had in common that all answers were non-financial based. For instance, one of the anwers were concerns about how their...
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