Can Money Be a Bad Thing

Topics: Family, Mother, Son Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: April 2, 2012
Can Money Be a Bad Thing?
Many people seem to believe that money means happiness and if you have it you will have what is thought to be the perfect life. In this paper I will be comparing and contrasting two stories called “The Jewelry” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner.” I found these stories to be very shallow but interesting and wrong but also right at the very same time. The characters that make up these short stories are also very intriguing and have a side to them that you don’t find out until later in the story. Can money be unhealthy and damaging to a marriage or family?

In the story “The Jewelry” two people were madly in love and he claimed there were only two things about her that he didn’t like and that was her love for theater and false jewelry. They were not the richest people in the society but they portrayed themselves to be. The husband had no desire for the theater like his wife did and also made her go alone or with friends and he always laughed and joked about her overly large fake jewelry. She died of pneumonia and the husband became very depressed and in debt and just really had no social life at all anymore and just stayed to himself until he finally snapped out of it and sold all her jewelry which came as a big surprise because all of her what he thought was false jewelry was actually real and was worth tons of money. At first he we angry because he did not know how she would have afforded jewelry like that and made an assumption she was cheating then he became very greedy and wanted all the money he could get. What once was a humble and sweet man turned into a very greedy and money hungry man that acted very rude. He did not care about his wife’s death anymore and was all of a sudden as happy and he had ever been all because of money. He spent the money as fast as he had got it and was now spending his time with richer people and surprisingly found a love for theater. He found a new wife not to long after that which made his life awful. He...
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