Can Matthew Bourne's Be Considered a Seminal Artist?

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Can Matthew Bourne Be Considered a Seminal Artist?

A Seminal Artist is defined as someone who is highly original and influences the development of the future of the artistic medium. Matthew Bourne is more so a seminal artist then not. He is original through his manipulation of conventions, by pushing the gender boundaries of dance, however he hasn’t been influential to other choreographers, to do the same. This can be determined through his personal background and training, his socio-historic context and compositional devices. Hence, this is portrayed in his productions continuously throughout the use of music, stage setting and props, lighting, costuming and casting. Additionally, the fact that he is considered a seminal artist, is enhanced through the many awards during his career, and for his tremendous achievements, "Bourne has reached audiences that other dance-maker’s cant", “Matthew Bourne has utterly changed the landscape of dance forever” All of these compliments were to do with his extraordinary works, which shows people that he is regarded as inspirational and original and therefore considered a seminal artist.

Matthew Bourne’s background and training has been a major influence on his choreography. Bourne challenged the classical aesthetic of classical ballet, and changed it into his own interpretation, which was a modernized ballet. Mathew Bourne discusses his passion for dance comes from his childhood experiences. Having only ever viewed classical ballet, his works are predominantly ballets. However, his self-caution - he said that he hated speaking, and that he was only able to express himself through movement is the reason why his works have that original modern interpretation to them. This caused him to create various dance companies in his youth even though he never received any formalized dance training. As he got to his later teenage years, he started to watch films and theatrical performances excessively. He believes that the typical...
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