Can Knowledge Be a Burden Rather Than a Benefit?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Cold War Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Knowledge is like a drug, the more you gains, the more one craves. It’s widely acknowledged that the knowledge is a powerful force, which exerted in everyone’s body. Retrospectively, from the history and my own experiences, knowledge can either enhance life or became destructive. If human beings do not use it properly, knowledge may produce an injurious influence in science. What’s more, knowledge can perplex adolescent through their growth. However, this does not mean that knowledge isn’t significant, it always a vivacious resource to keep the world continuous and intelligent consequently. When knowledge reaches a certain point, it can indeed become burden. Throughout the history during World War II, nuclear weapons have been used and caused a rigorous consequence when the United States drooped an Atomic Bomb on Japan in 1945. Since then, scientists have concentrating on these weapons of plethora destruction in case they are ever needed again. These dangerous weapons, if placed in the wrong band, can induce a large amount of annihilation. The scientists, who engaged in the innovation of these weapons, are some of the transcendent people in the world. On account of the knowledge needed to create these bombs is extravagant. Although, with all what knowledge, these people are apparently cause a risk upon the society. The extent to which their knowledge has reached, has caused a cargo on society due to that if these weapons get out and put in the wrong places carelessly, we mankind could possibly face the WW III. With the augment of knowledge, the new creations and new materials to make these weapons are going to become more powerful that with one blow can harm a country. This is a hazardous example of when knowledge can be a burden rather than a benefit.

Take another example from my life experience, as I’m going through the line from impetuousness to maturity, some of my sentimental thoughts always have confused me into a deep meditation. Ingenuous...
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