Can India Get Rid of Corruption?

Topics: Political corruption, Bribery, Corruption Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: October 25, 2010
India has 2 major obstacles in the way to progress-corrupt govt officials and criminals in politics. The 2 are so much hand in glove that it is impossible for an honest man to work without facing threats to his/her life. The Q therefore is what we can do to weed the 2 out so that this country may make progress speedily. THE MAIN reason behind increasing corruption is money. The question remains what is the solution? Now a day, every individual wants to be rich, acquire as much wealth as possible in a short time. The actual goal of an individual ought to be happy and live happily with his family and only money can give comfort but not happiness. It leads to bribe and corruption.

"A person who is not performing his duties and not performing is corrupt. India ranks 70th in world in terms of corruption but corruption is increasing day by day so in the future we will be in a better position in corruption just like we are in population. Corruption is eating our country hopes and hampering our progress. After 60 years of independence our economic and social development is poor and not up to the mark like other countries. It is the biggest threat for our nation. In India corruption starts with politician, ministers, NGO’s are and in the field of sports. Politicians take bribe because businessmen are giving it to them for getting benefits. Come elections money comes from business tycoons.

How to get rid of it?

* Corruption is like cancer, can be controlled but not cured. * Youth will have to oppose corrupt leaders by educating people. * Young men with good qualification should be involved in politics. * Encourage people to speak whenever they see any injustice. * Politics, laws, and regulation of country has to be changed. * Teach morality in homes and schools.

Since independence we have perfected the art of corruption. To make an impact to arrest its open acceptance in all areas, society & polity need to be TRAUMATISED with a determined...
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