Can Having a Dream Make a Difference in Society

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Kendra Branch Branch 1 English 101.95980
21 September 2012
Expository Essay

Can Having A Dream Make A Difference In Society?
“I have a dream.” A phrase and or quote that many citizens of today’s society use in reference of what they would like their future to hold. Our society is not the best, but it is not the worst either. Change is the light that brings us out of the darkness. Through the use of repetition, diction and figurative language Martin Luther King, Jr. conveys in his speech “I Have A Dream” that all men and women are equal; therefore, things such as racism and division of classes should not be an issue.

“I have a dream”, “I have a dream today”, “With this faith”, “let freedom ring”, and “when”, are some of the few examples of the repetition that Martin Luther King, Jr. uses in this speech. Each of these phrases conveys a different meaning and or perspective of this speech. “I have a dream” and “I have a dream today” plays the role of transition. MLK went from the attitude of wishing for change to stating that change will come and that that day was the day. You can only dream that there is something greater, something bigger out there in the world. To lose hope in yourself is to lose hope in all things we call life. The repetition of “With this faith” and “let freedom ring” sets the tone for the speech and for the audience as well. Branch 2

With his grace, confidence, and very demanding yet powerful voice MLK spoke to his audience of over 200,000 people of all races but mostly black organizations and people, something that they needed to hear to be able to believe in not only themselves but one another. Once one is promised something and that promise is failed to happen one gives up hope. Rome was not built over night. We cannot look to better others until we can look to better ourselves first. The use of “when” sets the tone...
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