Can Generation Gap Be Bridged?

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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Quite often do we come across situations wherein we have a healthy dispute with our elders on one of thousand of issues such as sports vs video games, home made food vs fast food etc. It is such like a battlefield between you and your parents, so what is all this about.The Young getting careless or the Elders getting tougher?, well its none of these.What we have here is a "Generation Gap", technically it is defined as an occurring, “When older nd younger people do not understand each other because of their diff. experiences, opinions, behaviours.”

Today as the successful get younger nd younger and the new makes the old rust in common hours,the generation gap is much more wider & clearly visible. In this era of technology & communication. Parents tend to think and act moderately with the new generation but the grandparents go to the extreme base. Average grandparents don’t even know how to switch on a computer or communicate via mobile phone, since everything is handled on these technologies from trade to accounts. Similarly the youth getting addicted to the ever increasing popularity of Run –Away and marry fashion,Movies,Fast food,pornography,Alcohol,Cigarettes,Drugs etc. has laid another milestone of widening gap in the families of India.

I need to mention that whatever may be the advancements in the country like India which has given us a marvelous Historical and religious culture. Ruining it for such reasons for this huge devastation of the family life in India will lead to nothing else except serious consequences...Some might say that” Let it go on in the way it is going as Evolution has to occur and the one who adapts himself in that situation is gonna be the one who survives” But What I Say is” Fighting over old & new is completely useless-maintaining equilibrium is what matters”
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