Can Development Be Measured by Economic Indexes Alone ? (Detailed Plan)

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  • Published : December 4, 2005
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History / Geography

Can development be measured by economic indexes alone ? (detailed plan)

In order to answer the question, we first need to define what we mean by development: -Economic sense of the word (GDP, GNP, economic growth, etc…) -Quality of life (enough food, hospitals, education)

-Politics, Religion, Human Rights (this is seen from a European/American point of view, seen from other countries, this may not come into account) -Ecological Sustainability
Basing ourselves solely on this definition, we can already answer the question: no. Though, it is necessary to moderate what we have just said. These four categories are intertwined and can have effects on one another; so what is measured by economic indexes will also reflect the other concepts of the word development.

I)MEDC More Economically Developed Countries
These countries usually possess a high GNP/GDP:
United States: 24,700 per capita (ranked 2nd)
Luxembourg: 22,600 per capita (ranked 5th)
France: 18,200 per capita (ranked 14th)
A low unemployment rate (usually), a high life expectancy: and a high level of literacy.
Agree with the Declaration of Human Rights, undenominationalism, have a form of government where all citizens are equal and possess the same rights. Most of them are working hard on ecological sustainability (i.e.: Kyoto treaty, G8, etc…). In all appearances, these are developed countries, but still in these countries you will find a small percentage of the population unable to read, feed or shelter themselves. Even in developed countries there are regions of extreme poverty, development is not spread homogeneously, this is the [quart monde]. This part of the country is not reflected in the economic indexes.

II)LEDC Less Economically Developed Countries

In this category we can still separate these countries under different sections....
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