Can Counselling Assist with Smoking Cessation?

Topics: Nicotine, Tobacco, Smoking Pages: 11 (2940 words) Published: March 22, 2013
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Title and abstract: 5% the proposed research question is how can counseling assist smokers in quitting their addiction?

Chapter 1:

Literature review/Justification for the Study: 25%
Over the past three decades smoking has been recognized as a health risk. Dispite government warnings and aids to assist in quiting the habit/addiction. Many countries including Ireland have banned cigarette smoking in public places, bars resturaunts, and in febury 2012 a proposed new legislation was put before the dail to ban ciggerette smoking in parks, beaches and cars with children passengers. Example health- medical card holders, who’s general practicioners bills and prescription medication that smokers suffering chronic coughs and chest infections and lung problems and hospital bills are paid by the government health boards. street clean up general The cost to the ex-checker is colossal. The government makes 567 million on cigerettes sales each year. The health services costs 268 per year. In recent times there is huge loss to contra-ban ligetimate and illegmitted ciggeretts that are sold on the black market. these cigerettes are manufactured from unknown substances. And are more harmful than the legally sold cigerettes obtained in shops. In a documentary it was discovered that cigerettes were made from sweepings from the floor. Some people will do just about anything for money. According to the world health organization. About 200 million of the world's one billion smokers are women. The tobacco industry targets women in order to increase its consumer base and to replace those consumers who quit or who die prematurely from cancer, heart attack, stroke, emphysema or other tobacco-related disease. Girls and boys start using tobacco for different reasons, and tobacco use harms women and men differently. Approximately 1.5 million women die every year from tobacco use. Understanding and controlling the tobacco epidemic among women is an important part of any tobacco control strategy. Far fewer women than men use tobacco. Globally, about 40% of men smoke as compared with nearly 9% of women. However, the epidemic of tobacco use among women is increasing in some countries. More research is needed to understand trends in tobacco use among women. •Men need to be held accountable so that their actions and attitudes are examined also in the light of social and cultural norms, policies and practices, and not just biology. Norms, policies and practices can and do change •Women and men need to work together for greater gender equality and not merely blame each other for the inequalities and inequities. This means that men's awareness needs to be raised concerning the causes and results of their attitudes and actions on the people in their lives for the benefit of all

Although it has been well advertised about the dangerous effects that cigarette smoking can cause . It was believed that by raising the price of a packet of cigerettes would deter individuals from smoking. This has had a...
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