Can Computers Think?

Topics: Human, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Can Computers Think?
Argument 1: No, thinking is too complicated. Even if we someday come to understand all the laws and principles that govern the mind, that doesn’t mean that we can duplicate it. Does understanding astrophysics mean that we can build a galaxy? Argument 2: I am not a machine . I’m me.I’m alive. And you’re never going to make a computer that can say that. Argument 3: The essence of humanity isn’t reason or logic or any of the other things that computers can do: it’s intuition, sensuality, and emotion. Argument 4: Can a computer think if it does not feel, and how can it feel if it knows nothing of love, anguish, exhilaration, loneliness, and all the rest of what it means to be a living human being? Argument 5: A computer can’t think. It only make use of human intelligence to process it program. Argument 6: Even if computers were conscious they would not be self-aware, so they would need to be able to think and know that they are thinking. Argument 7: Computers are programmed; they have no ability to process ideas, thoughts or feelings. A machine is programmed what to think, not HOW to think. Computers can reach a conclusion based on logistics, not on emotion. They have no 'human factor', and no free will. Argument 8: The “big blue” chess computer that beat the best chess player in the world. At the time this was a scare to humans, but the computer wasn’t exactly thinking, it was responding Argument 9: Video

Argument 10: Video 2
Argument 11: The original imitation game is played by three people: a male, a female, and an interrogator who cannot see or hear the other two players. The interrogator’s task is to find out who is male and who is female on the basis of written questions and answers. What makes the game interesting is that one of the players tries to fool the interrogator about his or her sexual identity while the other player gives honest answers. The Turing Test replaces the two players of different sexes with a human and a digital...
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