Can Anything Be Art?

Topics: Art, Aesthetics, Arts Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Can anything be art? Are there limits to what is acceptable? Who decides?
Can anything be art? Are there limits to what is acceptable and who decides? These three questions are probably the most argued and discussed questions artists, collectors and art historians are faced with on a day to day basses. The evidence of humans trying to create art has been present since millions of years. Archeologists have found traces of attempts of art in african caves which are up to 2.4 million years old. Creations of art can also be seen in the animal world where animals try to communicate through art. Chimpanzees are a good example of this who are most frequently observed by scientist trying to express their thoughts through some kind of form of art. When someone says “art” to you, we generally put this term in to context with a painting or a sculpture, but then mathematicians will argue that specific formulas are also a form of art. Art can be expressed and explained in hundreds of ways and different people will have different views towards different pieces according to their culture and background, though when it comes to the so called “main-stream art”, judgment unfortunately falls only into a very select number of people. “anything can be art.” Most anyone involved or interested in art has heard someone make this statement. But is it true? If this statement is true, then anyone can be an artist simply by declaring him/herself to be one. If that is the case, then the concept of being an "artist" becomes meaningless. The term “anything” makes it seem like we can consider a butterfly art of even electric toothbrush art. The butterfly is a creation of good and in our eyes something preety and a toothbrush might not come over at first glance as art, but it to was designed and the creator put some kind of emotional passion or thought into it. This is why art could be anything. As things stand right now in the art world, there is basically no consensus as to what is good or...
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