Can Americans Live Without the Internet

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  • Published: March 3, 2013
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Can Americans live without the use of Internet?

Gen X where the first generation to see the first personal computer or as some would refer to it as a PC, Gen Y is the generation of people born in 1984 through 2002, and the children born after 2002 are called Gen Z, or better known as the digital generation. (Schroer) This Gen Z is predicted to be digital literate, which means, they possess the ability to effectively and critically navigate and create information using an array of digital technologies. The majority of the US population is made up of Gen X, Y, and Z, while the baby boomer generation is now aging. (Schroer) Americans have grown with this Internet as it has not only been developed to be used in a computer, but to other whimsical devices as well such as phones, tablets, game consoles, and other portable devices. This Internet has become a part of nearly every Americans life. (Schroer) It has now become a necessity in life.

Internet has shaped the lives of Americans since it was first created in 1962. (Leiner) The Internet is world-wide distribution ability, a device for information and a medium for teamwork and interaction between individuals and their computers without concern for geographic location. The Internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information. (Leiner)

The uses of the Internet are vast, beneficial, and could even be useless in some occasions. It all depends on the person and what there intensions are for using the contraption. Information, research, and knowledge are the basic reasons Internet was created. The most famous reasons people now use the internet are for entertainment, business, and communication. Entertainment purposes range from watching movies online, playing interactive games, and using social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (Irvine) Online gaming is now a huge convenience in the economy we live in, one simply logs into a website, instead of having to leave his/her home to go to an arcade, and waste gasoline. Everything and everyone is accessible through a computer. Finding information on complete strangers is now attainable, through the Internet, criminal records, marriage records, birth and death records, etc. There is an unlimited array of information and research to be done on everyone and everything. Facebook is the world’s leading social website, were virtually you have friends and communication is almost instant. Communication is another common use of the Internet; email, video calling, and even calling someone through a computer or digital device with internet capabilities are possible. People from all over the world communicate through the Internet and what was not attainable before is now. A military family with their father/mother who’ve they hadn’t spoken to in months is a positive use of the Internet as a form of communication. At every second we can know things that are happening all over the world, not only through Twitter but in the News, such as articles and web-

radio. This helps families across the world interact with each other even distance is not an obstacle for communication. Business is now nearly impossible without Internet of some form. Businesses began online now, purchasing, ordering, importing, exporting, all goods and services. (Schifferes) Electronic payments for everything, such as bills, are extremely common nowadays. The stock market cannot function without the internet. People buy and trade stocks through the use of the Internet. It also helps people keep a better understanding of the economy, and help shareholders informed of businesses. (XP MATH)International trade is nonexistent without internet either. Business is perhaps the most valuable thing we get from the Internet. (Schifferes)Working from home is another important use of the Internet in today’s world. Generally, work-at-home jobs require use of a computer....
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