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To most people e-commerce is a term of the late 1990s. It is a term that seems to catch the imagination of the world like nothing else in recent history. The notion of e-commerce is short for Electronic Commerce and has variation of definition. Generally it means “carrying out of business activities that lead to an exchange of value across telecommunication networks. According to David King (2006), amongst the first commercial uses that the Internet was advertising of consumer products in the early 90s. Very soon, information processing departments realize the immense benefits that this medium held out for speeding up the business processes both within the organization as well as with suppliers, customers and other external organization. Retailed business followed, with the world famous online bestseller Amazon being among the best – known pioneers. As the range of products and services traded online expanded, customer to customer (C2C) business like auction sites caught on, capitalizing on the population and the diversity of the online community. Today, the existing of e commerce is an important aspect in businesses especially international businesses. By using e commerce it could expand the marketplace of a business from a national business to an international market. With minimal capital outlay, a business can easily and quickly locate the best suppliers, more customers and more suitable businesses partners. For consumers, the ability to shop 24 hours a day by just sitting at your home at any time in a day, makes it convenient and a better choice. In this assignment we will look into in detail, a successful online business in USA, that is fast becoming a popular site among college and university student in USA. We will also look into its unique business style and compare it to a similar business in Malaysia.

One of the most successful e-commerce businesses today in USA is is USA largest college-based online ordering network. The New York – based company serves over 200 universities and 1,000 restaurants nationwide. is a site that is very essential to college students everywhere. Through this site, one can find online deliveries and takeout menus from their local restaurants with exclusive discounts and online ordering. The site has two main features that headline the site: my campus and my account. There is also a featured campuses section. In this section, one can find various campuses around the United States that are affiliated with Campus Food. Such campuses include but are not limited to the University of Central Florida in Orlando, University of Texas in Austin, University of Missouri, and the University of Wisconsin. There is also a key code section where users can enter their key codes and with the simple click of a button, they can be led to their destination. The site shows its versatility and compatibility by including a section for restaurant owners. There is also a search bar that is divided in two parts to help one find the right restaurants. Even online ordering is available on this site. There is also an option to join in and win coupons on Facebook. This site is an incredible tool for college students everywhere and should come in handy on a daily basis. Definitely, became an easy and convenient way for college and university student to order food from their favourite restaurant. In other words, it provides interactive menus to college and university students using the power of the internet to replace and facilitate the traditional telephone ordering of meals. Founder, Michael Saunders began developing the site ( in 1997 while he was still a junior at a university in Pennsylvania. With the help of some classmates, Saunders launched the site in 1998. After he graduated, Saunders began to expand and build the students and generating restaurants from which students could order...
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