Campus Wedding Case Study

Topics: English-language films, American films, Wedding Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: April 11, 2013
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2. Path 1: Reserve Church (1) -- Church Notice (17)—Decorate Church (3)—Wedding (1)—length 22 days. Path 2: Choose Cake (2)—Jack’s Catering (10)—Rehearsal Dinner (1)—Wedding (1)—length 14 days. Path 3: Get Gifts (1)—Rehearsal Dinner (1)—Wedding (1)—length 3 days. Path 4: Travel from Guatemala (10)—Fit Dresses(2)—Clean/Press(2)—Wedding(1)—length 15 days. Path 5: Choose Pattern (3)—Receive Lace(8)—Sew Dress(11)—Fit Dresses(2)—Clean/Press (2)—Wedding(1)—length 27 days. Path 6: Choose Invitations(3)—Receive Invitations (12)-- Address Invitations(4)—Invitations to PO(1)-- Invitation Lead Time(10)—Wedding(1)—length 31 days. Path 7: Prepare Guest List(4)—Address Invitations(4)—Invitations to PO(1)—Invitation Lead Time (10)—Wedding(1)—length 20 days. Some assumptions are in order: (1) we assume that we can start tomorrow (April 1), (2) everyone works 7 days a week. Path 1, 5 and 6 are all critical. Path 5 and 6 will have to be crashed to meet the wedding date of April 22. 3. For path 6, we would reduce the time to Receive the Invitations to 5 days (cost $35) and hire help to address Invitations to reduce this time to 2 days (cost $50). This would reduce the path length to exactly 22 days at a cost of $85. For Path 5, we would reduce the time to Receive Lace to 5 days (cost $25), reduce Clean/Press to 1 day (cost $30), and hire Mrs.Watson 1 day to reduce Sew Dress to 10 (cost $120) days. This would reduce the path length to exactly 22 days at a cost of $175. The minimum cost to have the wedding on April 22 is $260.
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