Campus Recruitment

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The task of filling up vacant positions in an organization is extremely important and must be done right in order to get the best people to work for you and take the company forward with their skills and dedication. Companies have been using a variety of methods to employ and select personnel to work for them and Campus Recruitment is one of the newest methods used by most Companies today.  Economic and demographic trends continue to affect the job market and how employers develop and manage their campus recruitment programs. In a competitive environment, maintaining campus relations is crucial to the success of campus recruiting. To do this, companies must build relationships with faculty, administrators, career center staff, and students. Campus Recruitment has always been one of the most vital sources of hiring the right talent. It provides a platform for organizations to meet the aspirants and pick up intelligent, committed youth who will become valuable assets. Campus recruitment is the biggest source for the corporate industry to interact with the student community. It is becoming more competitive. Winning companies will have a strong product offering and ability to adapt their recruitment practices to the needs of new college graduates of Generation Y. Along with on-campus recruiting tools, such as career fairs and interviews, employers can also work experimental education programs into their college recruitment efforts. These include internships and co-op programs. Employers have long since rated these as some of the most effective college recruitment methods. This report includes ideas about how to conduct a successful campus recruitment and relations campaign, how to select the right campus, benefits of hiring new graduates, and how to build your brand. The report also states the main reasons why companies are increasing going in for campus recruitment, current campus recruiting trends and challenges in campus recruiting In this report the data that is collected is through primary source by interviewing 25 Human Resource Professionals from different organizations namely Jaro education, Net Employment Services and Verification solutions as well as secondary sources such as magazines and internet as well as my experience as a trainee with Jaro education where I was handling the campus recruitment for the organization.  


1.1 What Is Campus Recruitment?
‘Campus Recruitment’ refers to a system where the companies visit the colleges to recruit bright youngsters to work for them. Employers are always looking to hire bright talented individuals with great ideas that can add value to the organizational effectiveness. The students often find these opportunities knocking at their doors when the employers hire final year students and the students get an opportunity to start their professional career as soon as they have completed their studies. The newly hired graduates are then trained for a period of six months to one year before they actually get to work. Campus Recruitments serve as an excellent opportunity to enter the corporate job market, which otherwise can be a difficult task.  Campus placement or campus interview is the program conducted within educational institutes or in a common place to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing the programme. In this programme, industries visit the colleges to select qualified students. The most significant fact about Campus Recruitment is that instead of the job seekers approaching employers, the employers come to the most suitable prospective candidate with a job offer. It is common practice for Institutes today to hire a Placement Officer who coordinates with small, medium and large sized Companies and helps in streamlining the campus recruitment process. It is one of the most common and widely used recruitment methods for hiring the best and most suitable talent...
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