Campus Love Benefits College Students

Topics: Love, Psychology, Aerosmith Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Campus Love Benefits College Students
Love is an eternal topic. With the increase of age, longing for love has become more prevalent among college students. Some people said that the campus love was time-and-energy-consuming and tore students away from their main task. But they didn’t see the campus love in an impartial light. Campus love could benefit college students in many ways which academic study had nothing to do with. If we take the improvement of their communication skills, the expansion of their minds and the maturity of their psychology into consideration, we will find that the campus love does benefit college students. In the first place, campus love could improve the communication skills of the students. For one thing, college students could acquire the capacity for analyzing social situations. If a person wants to get along well with other people, he should be able to distinguish the subtle differences between different circumstances and in order to adapt to the myriads of changes, he needs to understand these changes and make the appropriate behavior. For another, students could learn more about other’s thoughts. People need to understand the thoughts of other’s if they want to say the right things to start a conversation. In the process of falling in love, in order to get the favour of the girls and make appropriate behaviors, boys need to understand the girls’ thoughts and what situation they were in. Students not only need these skills in the process of being in love, they also need these skills in the future life. A survey did by the Columbia University point that people who had a couple of love stories have lower risk to catch communication disorders. So campus love could improve the communication skills of the students. Secondly, campus love could help college students expand their minds. Before two people falling in love, they were independent of each other. They have their own circle of friends, their own way of solving problems and...
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