Campus Issues of Teaching

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Campus issues of teaching
There are many issues in this campus and many problems. Especially in campus activities, campus social programs, teaching and worship and campus lifestyle. School campus is the image of school lifestyle and shows the evident of God image. School campus is the important for students to develop in spiritual, mental, social and physical lifestyle. The Student Development and Activities staff, as well as the student groups across campus, are here to help you become a part of campus life.

Teaching is the most important in student life and in our life. If we don’t have a good teaching in our life will be destroy. Teaching is depending on the teacher and some who have the experience people. What kind of teaching they teach and how to teach the students in this campus. How to take effective teaching in our life?

Teacher should be teaching the student for worship is integral to the college program, and a variety of worship services is an available to students and staff. Especially, our worship style is not a good character in this campus because this school is established with God image. This is committed to prepare young people for the service of God and man through quality Christian education for this life and the life to come. Teacher should be teach the student with powerfully and influence. I think our teacher is very mindful and very patience for the students. So they do not teach influence to the student more than as much as they can.

Teacher should be teaching the students are also encouraged to develop a personal faith and set of values. To encourage such growth, less formal worship services are held morning and evening in the dormitories. We do not study the Scriptures as much as we should. Instead of spending our time in studying the various themes of the day, we need to devote that time to the study of the Scriptures. We want to come with our Bibles on our knees before God and ask for wisdom from God to comprehend the...
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