Campus Improvement Plan

Topics: Assessment, Education, Advanced Placement Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Improvement of Social Studies Advanced Placement Courses
High School

Goal: Align the facilitation of Advanced Placement and Regular SS Curriculum to the scope and sequence for that particular subject level.

Objective: To improve the academic achievement of students in social studies advanced placement courses.

RolePersons Involved
Implement or improve the scope and sequence for Regular Social Studies courses and Advanced Placement CoursesVertical Team Members Curriculum Department Heads
Campus Administrators
Ensure the scope and sequence is aligned with state standards in each subject areaVertical Team Members Curriculum Department Heads
Campus Administrators

Align instruction and assessment to the District CurriculumTeachers Campus Administrators
Campus SS Team Leaders

Design a schedule of assessments aligned with the subject in an effort to monitor learningCurriculum Department Heads Campus Administrators
Campus SS Team Leaders

Train staff to ensure they are teaching information related to their particular subject in correlation with state standardsCampus Administrators Local Region Training Centers

Ensure administration is carefully monitoring classroom facilitation by conducting observations, walkthroughs, etc.Campus Administrators

Assessment of the plan will take place through various benchmarks every six weeks (that are aligned and developed vertically with the curriculum) to ensure monitoring of student achievement. •Walkthroughs from campus administrators are mandatory weekly (or more often) to monitor teacher lessons. •Weekly lesson plans are to be turned in to campus administrators for review. •The SS Curriculum coach (or vertical team member) will model lessons for the SS department and assist with yearly progress. •Teachers will be required to plan weekly lessons with the campus SS Team Leaders and Implementation Coach to ensure all teachers are facilitating similar lessons weekly (AP...
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