Campus Food System Case Study

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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BSBLED502A Manage Programs that Promote Personal Effectiveness

Diploma of Business

BSB50207 Diploma of Business BSBLED502A Manage programmes that promote personal effectiveness 2013 Semester 1 Summative Assessment 1 The assessment is designed to give you the opportunity to show you have the skills and knowledge required to manage programmes that promote personal effectiveness. To achieve the Performance Criteria, you must complete all of the assessment tasks. Assessment announced early in the semester for you’re to commence the required assessment. This assessment 1 is work 50% to the total unit. Submission guidelines 1. Please use standard ‘assessment cover page’ with authentic statement as attached. 2. Please provide proper in-text referencing when you write up your assignment, and provide reference list at the last page of assessment. 3. Please submit Assessment 1 on Week 6, 3 May 2013, at 12.00 pm 4. The word limit for this individual assessment is approximately 750 words, not include the cover page and the reference list. 5. Students are required to follow the formatting requirements stated below: a. Type of font: Times New Roman b. Font size: 12 c. Line spacing: 1.5 6. Submit both soft and hard copy – soft copy submits to Moodle for administrative purpose, and hard copy submit to Tan Sin Sieng personally for marking purpose.

BSBLED502A, Last updated March 2013 Semester 1 Version 2


BSBLED502A Manage Programs that Promote Personal Effectiveness

Diploma of Business

Assessment 1 – Case Study This is an individual assessment. CASE STUDY: CAMPUS FOOD SYSTEMS

Written by Jean M. Honebury, associate professor of management Texas ARUM University—Corpus Christi. As part of a master’s program in food services management, Cindy Breen has just begun her internship with Campus Food Systems (CFS). CFS is a self-operated university food service department at Cindy’s alma mater, Gulfport State College. As a department, CFS reports directly to the vice president of administration, the office generally responsible for non-academic matters cofunded by the school. Self-operated food service programs try to minimize loss rather than maximize profit. They are operated by employees of the institution, as opposed to contract operations run by professional management companies like Marriott Corporation and ARA Services, profitmaking enterprises. CFS employs about 60 full-time employees. In addition, the staff is supplemented by almost 100 students who provide part-time labor.Thus approximately 160 employees, largely part-time, are responsible for providing three distinct dining services to the Gulfport campus: Watkins Dining Hall (traditional cafeteria service for residents); Sea Breeze Cafe (fast-food service for students, faculty, staff, and guests); and Catering (a full range of catering services offered both on and off campus).A fourth function, stores, orders, receives, inventories, and disburses food and non-food supplies to the other three operations. Cindy knows that most self-operated food service programs are located at much larger universities. A small operation like CFS is always vulnerable to a takeover threat from large contractors like Mariott. Smaller schools are easy targets. Also, turnover in the administration makes the threat of a takeover stronger—and Gulfport has just changed presidents. President Sheila Dawes comes from a large university that used ARA to administer dining-room operations. Cindy’s supervisor, Jake Platt, has told her that she must help him assure the new college president that CFS should remain self-operated. Cindy has been working at CFS for only two weeks, and Jake has just assigned her to manage the student help. Her responsibilities include interviewing, selecting, training, scheduling, and disciplining about 100 part-time employees. She also has been charged with preparing a report, Work Accidents in the Food Service Areas, for the previous calendar year. This report will...
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