Campus Event Essay

Topics: Suffering, Abuse, Health care Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Danielle Zayit Dr. Miller Psych 243
April 26, 2012

Campus Event Paper

!On April 25, 2012, I attended a presentation by Elizabeth Seale about ‘Examining the Physical & Reproductive Experiences of Low-Income Women’. Seale’s conducted a research about how women with low income suffer because they don’t receive the right treatments from doctors or physicians. Her study consisted of white low income women with different ages, mental illnesses, family violence and past substance abuse. The four main participants were Clare, Marsha, Rebecca, Opal, and Denise. One part of the study was about family and children relations with health providers when Seale noticed that Clare, Opal and Denise were all independent and provided birth control for themselves during their interviews. During Opal’s interview she knew what to do to change what was wrong but didn’t know what to do after that change happened. Seale commented on this situation by mentioning how health care professionals need to become more informative with their patients. However, a main obstacle was how to overcome the ‘power issue’ that doctors have. Seale commented on that and said “Doctors are telling, not helping.” By that she meant, doctors should advise and communicate with patient when treating them, and offer detailed explanation regarding the medications they prescribe rather than just hand them the prescription and expect them to follow instructions blindly.

!Another part of her study was on Physicality: Control and Constraints. In this segment she interviewed Rebecca. Seale asked her what was her biggest challenges in life as of right now and Rebecca explained how her biggest challenges was making sure that she got the right medications and she struggled a lot with it. She needed birth control but doctors weren’t prescribing the contraceptives to her. Another challenge for her was being unable to get doctors’ appointments. She also mentioned how she had to get electroshock therapy and...
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