Campus Bar Proposal

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Proposal for campus bar 1

A proposal to establish a campus bar at Texas A&M University at Galveston. 'Java the Hut' is the campus coffee shop located in the library. It is the only place on campus that provides a leisure setting to sit and relax, or any social benefits. It is beneficial to 850 students living in the campus residence halls and 350 students living in the neighboring University Apartments. However, limited operation hours restrict the benefits the coffee shop provides to students. Student satisfaction and appeal are not being enhanced with the absence of a social outlet. Proposing a university-run campus bar will create a social environment where alcohol is provided, catering to students, faculty and staff, to promote the responsible use of alcohol, generates revenue and creates jobs for students in a controlled atmosphere. It can reduce drinking after driving incidents.

Market Opportunity for Texas A&M Twenty percent of students living on campus are over 21. (Golemo, 2011) Forty percent of students living in the University Apartments are of drinking age. The average age of the student population is 21. With the number of students living on campus increasing from 850 to 1000, the increasing number of off-campus residences available on Pelican Island, and the rapid growth of graduate students and programs available, the average age of the student body is expected to increase further to 23.

The number of students likely to make use of the drinking services provided, the economic purchasing power, and demand for a campus bar makes it a viable market opportunity. The nearest pubs and bars are 10 miles from campus, requiring driving off Pelican Island for a drink. A bar on campus creates an opportunity for generating revenue. A lack of competition reduces the chances of reduction of business activity. With recent spikes in gas prices, a bar students can walk to on campus will ease the costs associated with driving.

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