Campus Area Wireless Network Proposal

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This proposal recommends the implementation of Project CAWN (Campus Area Wireless Network) at the University Teknologi Mara, Kelantan branch. The following information and recommendations are necessary for the university to stay on the cutting-edge of today’s campus technology


The Information Technology Department, UiTM Kelantan has indicated that wireless access improvements are important to students. Specifically, both the 2008/2009 & 2009/2010 surveys reports show the expansion of the wireless service requiring attention. This trend is expected to continue as the proliferation of students with mobile devices increases.

Currently, the internet connections are important to students. Even thought there is a wired network in the campus, the Wireless network is an enhancement to the campus wired network and provides access to on-line resources in areas where wired connections are either not available or not feasible. As a building becomes ‘wireless’ students, staff and faculty can engage in new forms of information gathering and sharing, supporting the University’s mission as a learner-centred institution. Wireless access is also valuable for devices where a wired solution is not practical, such as PDA’s, and for supporting new initiatives such as streaming video and virtual labs. In order to capitalize on this potential, we proposing a CAWN (Campus Area Wireless Network) project to enhance and expand the existing wired network to wireless network. It is expected that the project will take approximately 4 months to complete. The project will include a significant expansion of wireless coverage on campus, an upgrade of the network to 54 Mbps, and the introduction of additional security features such as encryption of wireless traffic and network admission controls which will enable the enforcement of security policies such as up-to-date system patches and virus protection before access to the campus network is granted. The expansion plan has been designed to enhance the student experience at the UiTM Kelantan by focusing coverage on key areas used by students. Targeted areas and locations would include:

i) Large Classrooms: By enabling classroom coverage, students can participate in innovative learning technologies such as electronic surveys or testing. ii) Public Spaces: By enabling access in these areas, group work and on-line collaboration is fostered. iii) Main Thoroughfares and Open Areas: By enabling wireless access on these areas one could easily stop to check their schedule or email or begin downloading class materials before they walk to their next class. Parking lots are being considered for coverage to service off-campus students. iv) Existing Wireless Deployments: Wireless access will be enhanced in these areas in order to provide the high speed access and encryption necessary to deliver the next generation of applications to the campus community.

The enhancements to the wireless infrastructure will accommodate up to 7,000 concurrent users and accommodate approximately 25% of additional future growth in wireless service areas. We will continue to partner with colleges and directorates who wish to install new wireless service areas or supplement the coverage in existing areas through a cost sharing model.


The Universiti Teknologi Mara is known to many, as one of the best university in the Malaysia. UiTM offers excellent programs in telecommunications, computer science, information technology education, and engineering (software, manufacturing, packaging, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering).

In order to maintain this reputation, it is imperative that UiTM looks to implement a campus wide wireless network. Wireless technology has come to the forefront of computer technology in the last few years. Many universities have or are in the process...
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