Camping and Totally Different Experience

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I am going to describe an outing in nature and what I thought about the experience then when I was younger and what I think about the experience now that I am older. My first experience with nature was when I was eleven years old. I will describe the experience of living in nature and how it affected me both physically and emotionally because it is a totally different experience than what I am used to living like in my suburban neighborhood of Woodbridge, Virginia.

My first experience with nature was when I was eleven years old. I went camping in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia with my father, uncle and grandfather. At first I was very excited about the camping trip. I have never been camping at an actually campsite before. It was very exciting to me to live in nature and to actually live without electricity or the usual comforts of suburbia like video games and Television. I was not intimidated or scared at all because I was with so many people I looked up to. These were the people that I knew would make living in the wild much easier than people made it out to be.

After one day camping in the wild I thought I was having fun. Emotionally I was great with the campfires, fishing and everything else associate with living in the wild. Everything was fine but after the first two days I started getting missing the comforts of home. While it was 33 degrees outside at night I started missing the heat in my house, and the electricity that provided television, internet, and other amenities.

Towards the end I knew it was hard but I was addicted to the challenge living in the wild gave me.
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