Camping and Mono Village

Topics: Camping, Hiking, Family Pages: 2 (940 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Every other summer my family and I go on a camping trip to Mono Village Twin Lakes. Mono Village is a campground/town that is about one hour north of Yosemite. And every other year my mom’s side of the family all meet up and spend a week together in the mountains. We spend most of our time hiking and swimming in the lake. It’s the one thing my cousins and I look forward to, especially when we were little kids, because we all would go off on our own into the little town and ride our bikes around the lake. Last summer my uncle’s 19 year old son, John, decided to join our family vacation. Now I say my uncle’s son and not my cousin because my mom’s sister (my aunt) got remarried when I was a baby to my now uncle who had two kids my family never really saw. So I didn’t really know John very much and either did the rest of my cousins.

So we all arrive at the campground together and set up our tents and get to know John. And he seems to be a pretty cool guy. We all notice he has a lot of energy, which is a good thing for camping. So a couple days go by and my family and I had gone on a beautiful ten-mile day hike up to Barney Lake, which we hike to every time we go camping. John had really enjoyed the hike a lot and believed now because he had gone on one hike he knew everything about hiking in the mountains. So the next day he decides he wants to go on another hike. Being tired from yesterday, my entire family decides that they just would like to go to the lake and have a calm relaxing beach day. Almost more than half the day is over, it’s like 3:00pm, and somehow John had convinced all my cousins to hike up to the waterfall while our parents could go back to our campsite. Everyone thought it was a good idea because it was only like a four-mile hike to the waterfall. So we get going up the mountain and about an hour or so later we get to the waterfall. Now the hike doesn’t just stop at the waterfall, it continues going all the way up to the top of the mountain....
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