Camparison of God and Godsof the Illiad and Odyssey

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  • Published : October 14, 2008
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GodsSince the beginning of time man has believe in higher powers. People, especially during ancient times, believed these higher powers had influences in our everyday lives. During this time many stories, mostly pertaining to the religion practiced at the time, have been told and passed down in texts about these higher beings, or gods. People in the Greek era wrote texts like The Odyssey and The Iliad to try to explain how life was governed by multiple deities, while texts like Genesis, written by Christians expressed a monotheistic higher power. Theses two different kinds of texts share similarities and differences with each other in explanation of higher powers, especially in their roles, characteristics, views, and interaction between people and their respective gods.Greek mythologies like The Iliad and The Odyssey portrayed the roles of the gods similarly to modern-day imperfect politicians. Just like in modern government, Greek gods held many different positions, with their own followers and intentions behind each of their actions. An example of the sideways intentions of the gods can be seen in The Odyssey, “Zeus, Father, I will lose all my honor now among the immortals, now there are mortal men who show me no respect” (Homer p.446 l.145-147). The Christian God of Genesis was different in that He was portrayed as a perfect being with no mistakes and ethical reasons in judgment behind all of his verdicts, many times saving the righteous. This is shown in Genesis chapter 6 when God spares Noah, his family, and two of all kinds of animals from the destructive flood He sent on the wicked earth (p.56 l.18-34).Just as the roles of the gods in the Greek poems, The Odyssey and The Iliad, and the God in Genesis differed, their views of humanity also differed. The God in Genesis seems to view humanity as equals among each other from the highest king to the lowest poorest vagrant, as long as they kept Him in mind with their worship and obedience. God shows this in...
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