Campaign Speech

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  • Published : July 21, 2013
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First and Foremost, I would like to greet each and every one a pleasant morning. My name is ____________________. A first yr. Student taking the course of CSNT that stands for “Computer System Networking and Technology”. I’m running for the position of P.I.O under the banner of SMART Party which stands for “Students’ Massive Alliance for Reforms and Transparency”… [P.I.O] stands for Public Information Officer in which my position is define as the communication coordinator or spokesperson of the council wherein my primary responsibility is to provide information to the media or in simplest term, P.I.O serves as the tool to address the opinions and suggestions of the students. Likewise, my duty is to broadcast all the activities and events ensuing inside our campus as required. To tell you honestly, I’ve had a hard time deciding either to accept or refuse this proposition for the reason that I don’t have enough experience of being a P.I.O and any other positions. However, I tried to ponder it on mind and all of a sudden I kind of assumed that I’m might fit or suitable for this position. Because I have a very big voice that I can use in providing information to the public by some means it could also be my best asset as a P.I.O. That is why I accepted the offer. In addition, If you think that I’m deserving enough to be a P.I.O then it is up to you and if ever you empower to me your trust as same as your votes, I will promise to do the best of my ability rather than to promise that I will sing a song loudly for you if ever I’m elected for the position.. That’s all Folks. 