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Topics: Natural environment, Sustainability, Wildlife Pages: 28 (10710 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Position Paper
The city of Los Angeles has serious environmental issues and we need to pay more attention to that matter to fix it. LA could be a much more welcoming place if it wasn't for the pollution and vandalism. I believe that if we fund the environmental issue and encourage people not to pollute we could be an even more well known county. Wild animals roam the streets , the sidewalks are dark and dirty, walls are tagged all over the county and what do we do about it? To be honest, we do very little to nothing. With me in office I will do my best to make LA a safer, cleaner, and more attractive environment.


Hello my name is_______ and I'm running for your next Los Angeles Mayor. I'm just another guy that grew up on the Southern California coast, I spent most of my time in school, surfing, playing water polo, swim team, and playing video games. Ever since I was about 8, getting involved in sports and martial arts, my parents always pushed me to be the best at whatever I did and be a leader. I live by that and have been successful ever since. I became a lifeguard on the coast of southern California earning my college tuition and participated in youth and government in my high school career. I was and am still athletic, intelligent, mentally strong, every quality a good mayor requires, I have. Enough about my life now Id like to tell you what i'm going to do for you. Through thick and thin, like a strenuous swim practice, I will push through trying my hardest to succeed staying headstrong throughout the whole process. I aim to really make a difference in LA and make it a better, safer place than it already is. Like everything in life, LA has flaws and i'm here to fix them. I want to consider the opinions of all people of LA County and do what is right. I am a team player and you, the people of LA are my team, like in an intense game of water polo I will do what it takes to reach my goal and I couldn't do that without my you my team. With the cooperation of my "team" we could advance to bigger better things. Provided I'm a member of the Democratic Party I would like to share with you my philosophy on the issues of today. First is immigration and I believe that people should have an opportunity to live in this country if driven to make a real living, get an education, and establish themselves. Second is abortion which i support because i believe in pro choice and with the profession of abortion established women should have the choice to get one if they feel its right. 3rd is education and I believe that we should pay more attention to public schooling and financially support schools in need so that the youth of today can get a proper education. 4th is Social Security and I believe social security should remain or be improved to benefit more people because many people do depend on it. 5th is military involvement in the Middle East which i don't see the point in wasting money on equipment and deaths for a lost cause and i also believe we should be getting our soldiers home because this does not benefit anyone. 6th is military budget, I believe this money should be going toward schools to educate our youth so we can advance further in the future considering we have the top military technology in the world. Last we have environment which I emphasize greatly because I believe we as a team can make LA much cleaner more attractive place with my plans and ideas. The environment is whats left of the natural world, the animals, the plants, the insects , etc., and we need to maintain and protect it. In conclusion being a lifeguard I saved many people and i believe could just save Los Angeles from drowning in the ocean of violence, pollution, and corruption

People believe that there is an ultimatum between economy and environment. Yes, we have a weak economy at the moment and funds toward environmental issues are not going to help it. Maybe volunteer work is all we...
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