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Topics: British Army, Royal Air Force, Television advertisement Pages: 7 (2280 words) Published: February 26, 2013
‘Start Thinking Soldier’
Recruitment Campaign


Summary 1
* Aim
* Message
* Development

Marketing communication techniques
* Advertising 2-3 * Personal selling 4 * Public Relations 4

Success of the campaign 5 Improvements in the campaign 5 Conclusion

* List of things in place for effective marketing communication 6

References 7-8

The Start Thinking Soldier campaign is a recruitment campaign which was set up by an agency called ‘Publicis and Publicis Modem’. It was launched on the 6th April 2009 and was targeted at 17-21 year olds in order to engage individuals who might have not considered the army before. (Figarodigital, 2009) The main aim of this campaign is to provide something that young people can relate to – it is a bridge to encourage those interested in army to experience a little more of what is on offer. This campaign combines both interactive and experiential approaches. (Baines, 2011) The message that the campaign delivers is a rational message. The audience are demonstrated with a problem solving context which allows them to respond to the problem by performing an action. (Baines, 2011) The campaign involves the audience by making them see themselves as a “virtual citizen-soldier”. Their message is straightforward and focuses on their key attribute which is recruitment. For a long time the recruitment strategy used by the British army only involved advertising which then drove people to their website for more information. But now the British army seeks to provide potential recruits an experience of what life is like in the army and uses a range of different marketing communication techniques varying from advertising to public relations. (Baines, 2011)

The campaign was first revealed through the use of television advertisements in order to provide awareness and stimulate interest in the opportunities available. (Baines, 2011) The television advertisement was shown on channel 4 at 6.45pm on the 6th April 2009 and consisted of four television commercials which rolled out consecutively over a four month period: each unlocking a corresponding online mission. (Realwire, 2009) Each commercial illustrated four key areas of Army expertise including teamwork, decision making, leadership and fitness and mental sharpness. At the end of each commercial the target audience was presented with a decision making dilemma and asked to decide “What would you do?” from a choice of 3 options. Each commercial concludes with a voice-over stating “Show us your Army skills…Start Thinking Soldier. Online”. (Crawley-Boevey, 2009) This television advertisement is a ‘Direct response’. It makes the target audience behave in a particular way so, rather than spending lots of money developing positive attitudes towards brands; (Baines,2011) the television advertisement drives potential recruits to their microsite: At the website, there are links to a variety of jobs, forums to chat with real soldiers and interactive situations, where skills such as observation are tested. Each situation is designed to provide an insight into what life is like in the army. (Baines, 2011) Radio:

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