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Discussion Questions – ENDER’S GAME

Discussion question 1.
How is Ender moulded into a ‘hero’? By whom? In what ways is this treatment appropriate or inappropriate? Give evidence from the text.

Ender is moulded in various ways through different people. Some give him a negative influence and others a positive influence. However in numerous accounts and different stages of his heroic adventure two different groups specifically influence him and those are his family and the battle school.

His first and main family influence is Peter. Peter a character introduce into the beginning of the book, his brother- is one of many who bully ender because he is a “Third”. The rocky relationship between Ender and his older brother Peter are found in page 2 of the first chapter. “And Peter wont hate me anymore. I’ll come home and show him the monitor’s gone…. The I’ll be a normal kid now…” (page3). These short extracts from the chapter exemplifies that the relationship is distorted, that within it there’s hate due to the fact that Ender was different. He was a third. However Ender still had hope, “He’ll forgive me….” “Not friends… No, Peter was too dangerous. Peter got to angry. Brothers though”. (page 3). The relationship between the brothers wasn’t an ordinary one; it was filled with worries, a smidge of hope but most of all fear. Ender feared Peter, feared who he was, what he did but most of all he feared most of all him, Ender becoming Peter. “... oand cried…. I am just like peter. Take the monitor away and I am just like peter” (page 8)

Peter influences Ender in a positive appropriate way, it limits and restricts Ender into becoming into a monster, like his brother. It put fear into him, allowing him to never want to become like peter, but rather becoming/wanting to be normal.

Another significant family member that had moulded Ender into a ‘hero’ was his adored sister, Valentine. Since the beginning of the book Orson Scott Card has outlined vast emphasis on the fact that Valentine meant the world to Enders and visa versa. An example that proves their strong relationship is “Valentine loves me." "With all her heart. Completely, unstintingly, she's devoted to you, and you adore her. I told you it wouldn't be easy." (Chapter 3 pages 23). In the beginning of the book when Ender was asked to join the Battle School Valentine was the one who had convinced Ender to go. Therefore she had a great positive perspective on ender going to battle school, knowing the consequences. Later in the book while Ender is in battle school he learns that he does not receive any of Valentine’s letters however the battle school passed a modified one from her to Ender where he then he reads it and again is moulded in a positive way that helps him become stronger mentally and emotionally.

Valentine influences Ender is a positive and optimistic way. She helps him through his struggles and he looks up to her a lot. Her presence is what keeps Ender going and impacts Enders decisions.

The Authorities of the Battle and Command School greatly shaped Ender throughout the book. They had mostly had a negative influence on Ender as they told him lies and somewhat brainwashed him to get him to do what they wanted. “This is best for Ender, too. We’re bringing him to his full potential” (Graff, cptr 11, Line 10), shows the little positive influence they gave him was to bring him up to his full potential as leader/commander, but they did this in a very unjust way ‘’ Isolate him enough that he remains creative-otherwise he’ll adopt the system here and we’ll lose him. At the same time, we need to make sure he keeps a strong ability to lead” (Graff cptr 4, Line 1). Isolating Ender caused him to think more for himself and shaped him into a better leader. Mazer Rackham, leader of the last war win against the buggers was Ender’s companion at the Command School. “There is no teacher but the enemy. No one but the enemy will tell you what the enemy is...
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