Cameras on Every Corner

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Should The City of Detroit have a camera one every corner?

The city of Detroit should not have a camera on every corner. Yes we need to do something to make or city safer. Yes there are many unsolved crimes but the people in Detroit needs privacy. We should not have a camera watching every move we make. No matter where we go once we are outside our homes we will be getting watched. How much privacy do they expect us to give up for safety? If I'm alone in the park, I want to know that I'm actually alone. Video cameras however don't really reduce crime. They do act as somewhat as a deterrent and they certainly help identify the perpetrators, but overall it doesn't really do much. We know this through studies from London, England where nearly every street corner has a video camera. Overall, the crime rate of London has not really dipped at all since these were placed. Having a spy camera on every corner makes some people feel more at ease. The picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn't tell the whole story. A spy camera in the school bus may show the bus driver not doing anything during a brawl. It looks bad. What is doesn't show is that the traffic did not offer the driver a chance to pull over and that she was trying to contain the situation as best she could with her words. The picture won’t tell everything. Having these cameras could cause another crime. Someone a night guard, employee, hacker, etc. could sell the surveillance tapes to use them to determine a pattern of behavior to plan another crime. Also our city is in a lot of debt. So why would we spend millions of dollars on all those cameras? That money could be paying off debts. Buying all those cameras would put us in more debts which would cost people there jobs. Without our jobs people won’t be able to get the things they need to live. The people will need some money for our own common good. The city of Detroit should not have cameras on every corner.
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