Camels for Transportation

Topics: Sun, Sahara, Dromedary Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: December 4, 2012
TRANSPORTATIONIf you are going to travel through the Sahara it is best if you travel with a strong camel because camels can go for several days without water and they can eat thorny plants. Camels can also carry items but it seems that it burdens them but the load would lighten if you were on a trading expedition. When traveling on a camel, do not forget to let them rest and graze or they will die from exhaustion.| WEATHERBefore you go travel, be in mind what the weather will be. It can exceed up to 58 degrees Celsius and drop below freezing point at night but night times can be hot too. To prepare for this, look in the clothing section to see what kind of clothing to wear to keep either warm or cool.| CLOTHINGOn your journey bring several layers of loose white clothing. The layers of clothing really come in handy at night because it is really freezing. During daylight wearing the clothing slows down dehydration because the loose clothing absorbs sweat and lets air move through producing a cooling affect. Also, wear clothing covering the whole body (Look for protection section to see why).| SUPPLIESIn the Sahara you will need a couple of things like a hide tent to sleep in and food to eat like meat and fruit. You also need coins to buy new supplies. I especially want to tell you something about water (so look in the drink section). | DRINKWhen you are bringing water for your trip, bring enough for you AND your camel. When you run out of water for a long time and find a well or an oasis, do not drink the water all at once because your body won’t be able to handle it all of a sudden. So drink the water little by little. | PROTECTIONWhen wearing clothing, make sure that it covers the whole body because of the sun, sand, and wind. The sun will burn you because you will be traveling for a few days and the sand will get into your eyes. Also, when you are in a sand storm, walk beside your camel and use it as a shield. |
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