Camelot Essay

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  • Published : October 7, 2008
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In the story Camelot, there is a king who is faced with love, hatred, betrayal, and most of all the lack of leadership. In this essay, I will be explaining what Arthur did right, what he did wrong, and the betrayal from his wife and Sir Lancelot and there bitter romance.

First I will be explaining what Arthur did right. Arthur realizes that the past ways were wrong. In order to fix the past he redefines might and right, (might for right, right for right, justice for all). His idea was that the government would reshape the English society. He does this to make life more pleasant and peaceful for everyone. He decision will change the system and provide everyone with the rights they deserve.

Second I will be explaining what Arthur did wrong. One of the most wrongful doings that Arthur did in this story was to believe nothing without proof. This led him in denial of his wife’s affair with Lancelot. When someone comes up to King Arthur and confronts him about his wife’s affair with sir Lancelot, he immediately refuses to believe it and he threatens the person who speaks of it. This shows how he did not want to accept the truth and how he fell back on his idea of needing proof to believe right and wrong.

Third I will be explaining the betrayal and the bitter romance. Arthur’s denial leads the affair to prolong into many years. Guenever and sir Lancelot had a very deep relationship. Arthur knew his wife’s wrong doings but still he denied the truth. Guenever was a very flirtatious woman. She was very attractive and craved new attention.

Soon as sir Lancelot came to town, she was in aw of his mightiness, handsomeness, and the bravery tells she heard. Arthur would catch Guenever and Lancelot often staring at each others eye filled with passion and love.

One night, Guenever and sir Lancelot are caught by a so called “the bastard son of Arthur”. Soon as Lancelot fleas the area he passes Arthur and immediately Arthur knows that something isn’t right and accepts...
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