Camel Analysis

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Camel Analysis
SBI Commercial and International Bank
SBI Commercial and International Bank, (SBICI)
SBICI Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of India's premier banking and financial services group, State Bank of India, and functions as. a Private Sector Bank with high quality standards. Established in 1995 to back SBI's corporate and international banking services, the SBI Commercial and International Bank is the only bank in India to be been awarded ISO-9002 quality systems certification for the Bank as a whole, encompassing all its products and services at all the locations. Within a short span of time, this commercial and international subsidiary of State Bank of India has claimed to fame with its efficient services. SBICI is a customer-focused technology-driven Bank offering the whole array of financial products and services. Rendering personalized service and striving towards building an enduring relationship of trust and confidence with their valued customers is their motto. SBICI is a scheduled commercial bank providing its customers with a significant combination of the professionalism, expertise, experience, ethical standards of SBI along with international reach all over the world. Along with the personalized service of a small bank, it offers it customers with the satisfaction and security of handling their finances to India's biggest as well as most trusted bank SBI which has 13,000 branches in India and 52 international offices in 34 countries all around the world.

SBI Commercial and International Bank Ltd. offer a wide range of facilities and financial product services to its customers. As a part of financial product services at SBICI we will get several deposit schemes such as savings account, recurring deposits, current account, FCNR(B) deposits, fixed deposit and NRE accounts. Other financial product services include exchange control matters, NRI information, corporate loans, personal loans, remittance facilities and ATM facilities. It is also noteworthy that both the Corporate and personal loan hampers of SBICI offer a host of several other value added products. The bank also provides it's customers with 24x7 tele-banking and net banking facilities. The Bank declares and undertakes

To provide in a professional manner, efficient, courteous, diligent and speedy services in the matter of retail lending. •Not to discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, sex, descent or any of them. •To be fair and honest in advertisement and marketing of Loan Products. •To provide customers with accurate and timely disclosure of terms, costs, rights and liabilities as regards loan transactions. •If sought, to provide such assistance or advice to customers in contracting loans. •To attempt in good faith to resolve any disputes or differences with customers by setting up complaint redressal cells within the organisation. •To comply with all the regulatory requirements in good faith. •To spread general awareness about potential risks in contracting loans and encourage customers to take independent financial advice and not act only on representations from banks. Product Information :

a.A prospective customer would be given all the necessary information adequately explaining the range of loan products available with the Bank to suit his/her needs. b.On exercise of choice, the customer would be given the relevant information about the loan product of choice. c.The Customer would be explained the processes involved till sanction and disbursement of loan and would be informed of time-frame within which all the processes will be completed ordinarily at our Bank. d.The Customer would be informed of the names and phone numbers of branches and the persons whom he can contact for the purpose of loan to suit his needs. e.The Customer would be informed the procedure involved in servicing and closure of the loan taken. INTEREST RATES

Interest Rates for different loan products would be made...
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