Topics: Camel, Water, Milk Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Camel is the animal that is known by fatty mass on its back called hump. There are two species of camels. The first is the dromedary that has a single hump and lives in North Africa and the Middle East. The other is the Bactrian camel which is living in the Central Asian.Because of adaptation to living on the waterless desert; Camel known by "the ship of the desert" .Camel has a wonderful ability to bear the thirst and ability to tolerate a lack of water in the tissues of its body. Camel stores the water in its body. The hump is the natural place to store trans fats from its food surplus and also is suitable for water conservation within the synthesis of lipids and grease. Also, camel's feet are stores of water; feet tissue is working to maintain water in the form of strings. When camel needs to water, the blood absorbs water from the feet. Likewise, Camel keeps urine in the bladder as long as it is in need of water, when it needs the water; the blood absorbs urine again and pushes it into the stomach, especially bacteria converts urine to protein and water. In addition, Camel's nose is doing the condensation of water vapor that comes out with the exhaled air, so it is the only animal that restores the water in the air that comes out of it.Camel has the ability to drink sea water because the kidneys get rid of excess salts. The camel drinks profusely about 18 liters of water if it felt thirsty without being affected. All camel products are useful. Camel's milk is the most fit on vitamin C and a range of B vitamins, compared with other types of milk. For example, camel's milk contains about three times the vitamin C found in cow's milk. Camel's milk contains higher amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, compared with cow's milk. The amount of iron in camel milk about ten times those found in cow's milk. In addition, treatment by camel urine is useful .According to the research; it is useful in preventing hair loss and treatment of some types of cancer and...
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