Cambodia Typical Families

Topics: Agriculture, Indonesia, Cambodia Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Most of the people of Cambodia live in villages and farm the land or fish to obtain their food. To see the real life and culture of how over three- quarters of the people of Cambodia live, you have to leave the cities and visit the villages. Houses are either in groups or strung out along a canal, river road or hillside. They are the source of Cambodian pride and satisfaction. All major events – birth, marriage, and death – occur within the villages. Cambodians are very shy people but very warm and welcoming to visitors. Their society is conservative, and centered around the family and religion. However, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Asia, with an average daily income of approximately US$1.30 a day. More than 80% of the people of Cambodia follow a traditional lifestyle in the countryside. The main occupants of a village are farmers and their families engage in traditional agriculture on small farm lots. The majority of farmers live in permanent villages known as sedentary villages. It may look idyllic, but subsistence farming is very hard. Most grow rice and basic crops. Each morning you can see workers walking to the fields carrying their tools and leading their water buffalo or cattle. At sunset they return to the shelter of the villages. Other villagers live in temporary shelters until the end of the growing season when they return to a village that is more permanent but which may be moved if new land is needed. These people are called shifting cultivators and they live in the more rugged upland areas. These people mostly belong to hill-tribes of Cambodia and live in the North-eastern provinces. Like almost all other countries in Asia, the Cambodian people’s main food is rice. Cambodian peasants have planted rice ever since the time of the Angkor Empire. At the present time they still implement their traditional techniques. Cambodia has a geographical advantage and is extremely blessed with good water resources. The people in the countryside...
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