Camaraderie: Friendship

Topics: Friendship, Debut albums, Mind Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Copious burdens oftentimes bring you the thought that every day is the end of your world. You sometimes think that all sorts of problems are with you and because of its burdensome, you think that the world depends its rotation on you. These agonies might show in different situations, but indeed, most of teenagers, if not all, have gone through this already. Perhaps, they hide its obviousness but there is surely something within them that tells its need to be opened up. When this situation comes along, ideas as running away and even ending life poison one’s mind. Possibly, this is the purpose why God gave a gift which is never bought by money, never erased by time, and the heart is the only one who sees it. The gift of friendship. You were not born in this problematic world facing hardships alone. When you are put where you are at this moment, fighting sudden and out of nowhere hardships, sudden and out of nowhere people also comes along, giving you courage to stand, lending shoulders to cry on to, and giving you a reason to live. They are what you call friends. Friends are those people who may care like a mother, scolds like a father, annoys like a brother, teases like a sister, and even love like a lover. They are your family whenever you are not at home. Friends give you happiness you long for, give you smile you have lost for a while, and wipe your tears that come out suddenly. They are truly your comforters and your listeners whenever you have got something within you that you really wanted to share. Imagine a world without any friends existing. You are all alone, laughing with yourself, sharing stories with yourself. Sometimes, friends annoy you, tease you, and most of the time, insult you. See the picture of yourself without anyone doing these things to you, is not it tedious and dull? In fact, your friends’ insults, teases, and annoying habits, do not look as what they usually seem, these do not offend you at all. Whatever circumstances may...
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