Calyx & Corolla

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  • Published : October 8, 2005
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Calyx & Corolla
Marketing Case Study

Calyx & Corolla has pioneered the use of express shipping to deliver a highly perishable and fragile product. Through effective marketing and high level of service (both to the customer and with the product), the company has positioned itself as an affordable alternative to the traditional wire service (FTD) and local flower shop. However, the competition is well entrenched, as are the habits of the traditional consumer, who do not necessarily equate ordering flowers with the traditional dry goods /clothing catalog channel.

Positioning / Targeting / Product Differentiation
Calyx & Corolla has positioned themselves as a slightly upscale provider of flowers vs. the traditional FTD retail shop. Calyx & Corolla also targets a more planned purchase, whether from an individual or company account. Although positioned to be affordable, the extra care and service for the product and customer does reinforce the slightly higher prices versus the retail shop.

Calyx & Corolla will continue to target its traditional customer, the slightly affluent, age 30-55 female, but from the Flower Industry Market Map, Calyx & Corolla's strategic positioning is well placed to reach the following NEW target markets:

Proactive MalesSlightly more affluent, active males comfortable with scheduling, but time pressed to order flowers. Travel or active lifestyle does not always allow access to known flower outlets.

Affluent Social / EntertainmentAffluent couples that place value on social standing. Frequent home entertainment; use flowers to enhance home furnishings and personal image.

Corporate AccountsCompanies with flowers and plants in boardrooms, CEO offices; corporate gifts to important customers or individuals within company; producers of tangible products enhanced by flowers.

Calyx & Corolla positioning is supported by their product differentiation, which includes the following attributes: •Freshness...
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