Calvin Klein, Child Pornography

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  • Published : July 12, 2011
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“…A decade later, the brand [Calvin Klein] became known as much for its pioneering marketing and advertising campaigns as its minimalist fashions: Brooke and her jeans, Kate and her Obsession, Mark and his tightie-whities…” New York Fashion Magazine. Apparently to the fashion world, Mr. Klein and his risqué and envelope-pushing marketing strategies are not only revolutionary but deemed acceptable. Anymore, marketing ploys are as dark as any abandoned, cold cavern which drips with deceit and false promises. Not only do they cast a false shadow for all subject to their lies to dwell in, but the way in which they habitually and intentionally stun the public with pervasive advertisements is nothing short of disgusting. From using a 15 year old Brooke who has “nothing between her and her Calvins” in 1980 to a near spitting image remake of a 1960’s pornographic scene involving more underage adults, Klein has a recurrent theme in his marketing style. To top off his resume’, in 1999 he posed two extremely high pixel billboards which posed a set of male and female toddlers in their underwear. This ad would be extremely effective IF four year olds had wallets and cared about what underwear they wore! Mr. Klein you are a pinhead. Greed has consumed and altered any sense of personal and social level of decency that should be shown. Klein’s manager rebutted that its intention was to "to capture the same warmth and spontaneity that you find in a family snapshot." To this I say, families have children and in these families they have cameras and in those cameras they have film; if that family wishes to “capture that spontaneity” then let them take the picture, not you Mr. Klein. Granted this is not a pictorial of two naked children but just because something is not explicit does not mean that there is no implicit interpretation. No matter the intention, perception among individuals is the only true thing that matters. I believe this is a disgrace and a sickening that we...
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