Caloric Content of Food

Topics: Energy, Thermodynamics, Nut Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Ocean County College
Department of Chemistry
[Caloric Content of Food]
Submitted by Jamie Kaiser
                                                                                                                                                                              Date Submitted:   10/2/12

Date Performed:  10/2/12
Lab Section: Chem-180         
Course Instructor: Bassa
The purpose of the experiment was to take foods and to find out the energy content of the foods that we are experimenting with. By hands on burning or the food and taking the date that we find and putting it into equations to find what is needed. Procedure

After organizing all the equipment necessary to perform the lab correctly and safety, I placed the empty beaker on to the scale and recorded the weight. Then I filled the beaker with 50 ml of water and measured it and recorded my results. I then place the beaker onto the burner stand. I took the temperature of the water before heating it up. I first started with the marshmallow. I put the marshmallow onto the fork and measured its weight. Then I lit the marshmallow on fire and place it under the beaker. After the flame was extinguished I measure the temperature of the water and recorded it. I then place the remains of the marshmallow and fork onto the scale and recorded my findings. I proceeded to do the same thing with a walnut and then with a potato trip and recording the results of each.  

Observations and Results

Data Table 1: Food Item - Observations|
Food Item Description:| Marshmallow| Walnut| Potato Chip| Mass of food & holder – initial| 40.4g| 18.3 g| 16g| Mass of food & holder – final| 38.8g| 16.3g| 13.5g| Mass of food burnt| 1.6g| 2g| 2.5g|

Mass of beaker| 66.5g| 66.4g| 66.5g|
Mass of beaker & water| 107.2g| 108.2g| 108.2g|
Mass of water| 40.7g| 41.8g| 41.7g|
Water temp. – initial| 23 degrees C| 22...
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