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Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model
Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model describes the individual as an “adaptive system,” always adjusting and adapting to the ever changing environment, internally and externally. The goal of nursing is to assist the individual or group to integrate the internal and external environments, to adapt successfully, thereby making the individual or group whole and healthy (Masters, 2009).

Descriptive, mixed methods were used in the studies. In one study, over 200 women across the US were surveyed and assessed to see what the needs and concerns were in the first two weeks after caesarean birth (Weiss, Fawcett, Aber, 2009). In another similar study, over 400 women from three different countries were surveyed and assessed to see what their perceptions and responses were in regards to caesarean birth (Fawcett et al, 2011). Women were more prepared and more positive in their responses if the caesarean birth was planned, scheduled, due to the fact that they knew it ahead of time. As oppose to the unplanned, unscheduled, caesarean birth where the women were not anticipating it and therefore not prepared for it and requires more health teaching about the process and plan of care (Weiss, Fawcett, Aber, 2009).

Both studies involved the whole model. The person, environment, health, nursing aspect were discussed. The assessment and survey involved the person’s knowledge base about caesarean birth, previous experiences in regards to caesarean birth, the person’s background, educational level, culture, support system, value system, and adaptive modes were all taken into account. Roy’s six steps nursing process of assessment, categorizing, diagnosing, goal setting, implementation, and evaluation were all used in the studies (Weiss, 2009).  

The implication of the research study in nursing practice is that we, the nurses, can promote positive adaptive responses and help to decrease ineffective adaptive responses by educating the...
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