Calligraphy in Islam

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Calligraphy is the form of art which denote signs and letters in an expressive form, it’s a form of visual art which was developed in western Europe by monks about 1500 years before. It is a painting which is helps to express emotions through designs and show the intellectual skills of an individual. it is Greek word defined by greek roots Kalli meaning beautiful and attractive and gharphia refers to writing. The aim of this proposal is to discuss the role of calligraphy in islam and different types of calligraphy. “Calligraphy is the tongue of the hand, the delight of the conscience, the ambassador of the mind, the inheritor of the thought, the weapon of knowledge, the companion of absent friend, the converser with them over long distances, the depository of secrets, and register of events.” - Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad Ash-Shaybani

Many religions have made the use of art to portrait their core doctrine. Islam has used the shapes and sizes of word and letter in calligraphy which is a paramount form of art for Islamic visual expression and inspiration. It portrait the cultural values of Muslims. The Islamic calligraphy is a hallmark of most muslim societies it stands out with other calligraphic tradition with flexibility and its applicable to any decorative purpose, from the 8th century it became more standardized and bonding with Muslim identity far more firmly than any writing tradition. The tools used by calligrapher are unique which includes reeds and brush pens, scissors, a knife for cutting the pens, an ink pot, and a sharpening tool, The traditional way to hold the pen," according to Safadi, "is with middle finger, forefinger, and thumb well spaced out along the (pen's) shaft. Only the lightest possible pressure is applied." The most admirable reeds were native to the coastal lands of the Persian Gulf. Qalams the most valued objects are stipulated across the entire Muslim world. An accomplished and handy scribe would require different qalams in order to...
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