Callicles on Moral Realism

Topics: Natural selection, Nature, Logic Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Kwame F. Bell
Philosophy 101
Dr. Elizabeth Laidlaw
Fall 2012

In Callicles argument on the Superior Individual, Callicles reasoned that in nature as well as humanity the strong dominates the weak. Also known as Moral Realism, Callicles argument on the Superior Individual is in fact one of interest because it is often deemed true, regardless of the false fallacies that exist. It is often believed that in nature as well as in humanity, strength and weakness are viable factors in determining levels of success, social roles and survival etc. Although, both strength and weakness often measure one’s ability, in this case it provided a glimpse into the falsehoods in Callicles claim. Although logical, I will prove that Callicles argument is in due course unsound. His claim appeared unsound because it lacked credibility within one of the premises. Shortly thereafter, I will provide a logical objection to oppose Callicles claim. But before I could reason with Callicles argument I had to define two ambiguous terms; which lead me to my first definition. What is nature? Nature in accordance with is the, “natural world as it exists without human interaction or civilization.” Given this definition I have concluded that whatever my reasoning’s for objecting Callicles argument, nature and its purity had to be considered. I would then define humanity. Humanity is the quality or condition of being human; human nature. []. Most importantly I had to evaluate the given premises and the conclusion using logic and reason. As of now you may be wondering what he argued and I shall summarize: Callicles argued that since humanity ought to follow the laws of nature, then in both nature and humanity the strong dominates the weak. With that being said now I’ll evaluate each premise:

In reference to the first premise which states that, “In nature the strong dominates the weak;” In my opinion this undoubtedly refers to natural selection- those who...
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