Called Effects of Parenting Styles on Children's Behavior

Topics: Parenting styles, Anger, Childhood Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The journal article I chose is called Effects of Parenting Styles on Children's Behavior by D.H. Sailor. Sailor’s article briefly goes over the different types of parenting styles and the long term effects of each one. He refers to Dr. Baurmind’s 1971 description of parenting to emphasize the reasoning for behaviors. In Baumrind's 1967 research; preschoolers with Authoritarian parents are withdrawn and unhappy. They appear anxious and insecure with peers and react hostilely if frustrated. Baumrind's 1971 research shows girls to be dependent and lacking in motivation and boys much more likely to be angry and defiant.

I agree with Sailor and his view of the parenting styles and the long term effects of having an Authoritarian, Authoritative, or an Uninvolved or Permissive-Indifferent Parenting. Sailor explains how being from an Uninvolved or Permissive-Indifferent Parent can be just as dangerous as having a parent who is Authoritarian. Permissive parenting parents are not loving or accepting of the child and often have children who lack independence and are selfish because they are not taught how their actions affect others. These children tend to be impulsive, aggressive, and low in taking responsibility. The combination of permissiveness and indifference or rejection in varying degrees has detrimental effects on children. In the extreme, it becomes neglect, which is a form of child abuse. Children with few rules who are ignored or living with hostility are noncompliant and aggressive. They have low self-esteem and display anger toward others. Many exhibit antisocial behavior and may end up as criminals. The best balance of parenting is defiantly the Authoritative parents. These parents allow their children to become autonomous, independent, self-controlled, self-confident, and cooperative. The parents are nurturing and loving. These children also are more likely to have high levels of competence and high self-esteem during middle childhood and adolescence....
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