Call of the Wild

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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Abraham Maslow, a social- psychologist, developed a Hierarchy of Universal Needs to explain that it is difficult to become Self- Actualized or a Peak Performer, reaching the top of the pyramid, if one suffers need deprivation at a lower level. These needs include: survival, food, shelter, rest; security, a freedom from debilitating fear; social acceptance, a feeling of belonging and love; and achievements that are difficult to accomplish. Maslow's theory states that a peak performer has a zest for life, creativity, wit, numerous achievements and problem solving ability. Because all humans have conflicts meeting these needs, it is the basis of every work fiction. Certainly Buck, the protagonist in Call of the Wild by Jack London, is a developing anthropomorphic character who struggles with every level of the Hierarchy after he is dog napped from California, where he lives on an Estate with all his needs met, and is taken to the frigid, harsh Yukon Territory during 1897's Gold Rush.

In the book, The Call of the Wild, there were many actions that showed the protagonist Buck’s need to survive. One example that showed Buck’s survival instinct was at the beginning of the novel when he was released from the kennel, he attacked the man in the red sweater. The man in the red sweater began to continuously beat Buck with a club. Buck then learned the law of the club and to not disobey his master. That was the only way he was going to survive his current situation. Also, Buck was no longer well fed; he was hungry all the time and didn’t have the luxury to enjoy eating his food because the other dogs would finish theirs and steal his. He learned to eat his food fast and take food from the other dogs instead. He also learned how to steal food from Perrault and François, his new masters, and to incriminate the other dogs. Buck also learned to stay on your feet when fighting because if you fall the other sled dogs would eat you. This happened when Curly approached a...
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