Call of the Wild

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Journey of Transformation

The Call of the Wild was written by Jack London. This novel first took place in the Santa Clara Valley and later on in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush in the nineteenth century. During the Klondike Gold Rush, every man wanted dogs that could stand the cold and could pull the sled for him. Buck fit perfectly in the category. He had a thick skin that could protect him from the cold, and he had enough strength to pull the sled. Buck was sold by the gardener’s helper and this journey made him become more primitive from then on. During Buck’s journey of transformation, he underwent three specific changes: environmental, physical, and emotional.

The first change that Buck faced was the environmental change. At the beginning of the novel, Buck was living with his master, Judge Miller, and Judge Miller’s family in Santa Clara Valley. In the valley, there were many trees and stables that Buck enjoyed, but when he was sold to Perrault and Francois, everything changed including the environment around him. The environment changed from having lots of trees and having a good weather to the having ice and freezing cold weather. Buck saw his first snow when he arrived at the Dyea Beach. Everything was hard for Buck; he was very busy adapting to the new environment. He had never seen snow before! At first he still wasn’t sure what the white thing he was stepping on was. Buck also had to feel the cold that he had never felt before. This was only his first environmental change. There were lots of similar changes that would follow.

The other change that Buck faced with the environmental changes was when he chose to stay with John Thornton. Buck had to adapt to the diversity of the environment. He went from living with snow and ice to living in the forest and the woods. John Thornton’s house was at the mouth of the White River. Buck spent a lot of his time in the woods and again, needed to adapt to this new environment around him. He needed...
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