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Call Centre Operations

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Call Centre Operations

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To the person who thought I might be suitable……

Attached please find my CV as application for the position of Call Centre Manager. I have 7 years supervisory call centre experience in the financial industry in internet banking. My experience is extensive in managing staff according to key performance areas and company policies and procedures thus ensuring excellent audit outcomes. I dealt with setting up and implementing Disaster recovery sites, IVR requirements. Utilizing and analyzing Workforce management system to ensure efficient and effective staff scheduling and adherence according to forecast and historical data. Performance and behavioral issues was dealt with as a front line function. I greatly enjoyed identifying and addressing training and development needs in close consultation with Quality Assessors and Trainers. Absenteeism was managed through motivation myself and the individual – challenging but was manageable. Service levels and staff adherence was monitored in real time. All communication was subject to Quality Management in the form of assessing calls, e-mails and faxes

My passion is to guide and help people. Utilizing motivation to achieve targets and setting goals I get the business of business done. Bringing people together to achieve a common goal is important to me.

Through thorough planning, anticipation, forward thinking and organizing I was able to fore full my roles as Office Assistant and Team Manager for the past eight years effectively and efficiently.

I am resilient, love to research alternatives, and find effective solutions and new designs within a work and personal environment. My inquisitive nature makes me ask the questions why, what, how, when and where. I do not cope in a mundane environment. Variety is important me.

Emotional Intelligence opened up understanding human behavior utilizing this knowledge effectively and efficiently in the work place.

Challenges are my daily bread.

Thank you for taking the...

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