Call Center: Inbound and Outbound Operations

Topics: Charles Babbage, Difference engine, Mathematics Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Charles Babbage was born in London on December 26, 1791. He is known as the “calculating engine of English mathematician “. He was the son of Benjamin Babbage, a London banker. Babbage is among the most celebrated icons in prehistory of computing & his first successful automatic calculator remains one of the best examples of precision engineering of all time. Babbage is referred sometimes as “father of computing”; to recognize Babbage success later The International Charles Babbage Society soon became Charles Babbage Institute to honor his intellectual and their similar relation to modern computers. Babbage as a youth was his own instructor when it came to algebra Babbage was very passionate Meanwhile, he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1811, where he found himself more advanced than his tutors in mathematic. Babbage soon co- founded the Analytical Society for promoting continental mathematics and reforming the mathematics of Newton then he begin to teach at a university. While continuing his great approach with math Babbage in his twenties worked as a mathematician, principally in the calculus of functions. Babbage was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1816 and played a prominent part in the foundation which he was elected furthermore the foundation of the Astronomical in 1820. At this time that Babbage first acquired the interest in calculating machinery that which became Babbage consuming passion for the remainder of his life. Babbage then invented the Difference Engine to compile mathematical tables in 1821; Babbage completed the invention in 1832 he conceived a even better machine that not only could perform just one mathematical task but any kind of calculation. That was eventually called the Analytical Engine (1856) this was intended as a general symbol manipulator, and it has many characteristics of today’s computers. Babbage prototype computing machines have little remains at the time Babbage was inventing at that...
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