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Call Center Security

One of the functions a company should perform when setting up a network is to look at their internal and external threats using the SWOT analysis. This analysis will allow the organization to assess threats to its business, personnel environment and devices used in their everyday operations. We looked at a number of factors including our network and the security measures we have into that network The first method we used in compiling this report was to look at a SWOT analysis which looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may affect our daily operations. This SWOT analysis looks at any internal and external factors that threaten the Call Center and to look at these factors so we can develop a plan on how to effectively deal with such threats. For clarification the influences that are associated with this Call Center deal with network and devices attached to the network, personnel, and environment.

Internal Factors – these factors deal with the strengths and weaknesses of the various influences associated with our Call Center. (For example devices, personnel, and training)
External factors – these factors deal with the threats of the various influences from outside the Call Center.

Call Center review
Environment: We looked at the environment in which the employees were working in and looking at securing this environment. One factor we did find was that the floor of the 911 Call Center may pose a problem with our network. In many of the 911 Centers around the country it has been noted that static electricity has caused some problems in these Centers. Flooring in the work area should be grounded and carpets and rubber type flooring should be avoided. The security of the work area was then looked at, we are going to use HID’s Physical Access Control Solutions with a Smart Card. After doing some research we found that HID Global was the leader in this technology and is in compliance with the Federal Identity Compliance Initiative set out by the Department of Homeland Security. There readers use EAL5+ Secure Element hardware which is highly tamper-proof protection keys and cards. The biometric smart card will be able to be upgraded to PIV protocols set forth by Special Publication 800-116. After looking over this product it was hard to find any other product that compared to it or surpassed what it could do. * Strength – HID Physical Control Access with biometric smart card to secure the working environment * Weaknesses – Flooring that might cause the buildup of static electricity and cause loss of data due to unshielded microcircuits * Opportunities – None identified

* Threats – Static electricity that may cause computers to lose data. Recommendations: Prior to completing and moving in to this Call Center we look at the flooring and the computers to find if static electricity could be a problem and get the flooring grounded according to other Call Centers specifications. Please refer to the following website:

ARJIS: Since our Call Center is dealing with multiple agencies, police, fire, and EMS, we looked at California’s Automated Regional Justice Information System, as a basis for our policies and the sharing of information. We found that this was a secure and efficient way of sharing information among all agencies.

Network and peripherals: The next and biggest challenge to our analysis was looking at the network and peripherals that we want to use in our daily operations and in our mobile units. We looked at the equipment our Call Center was planning on implementing in our Call Center. We looked at the possibility of the computers in question and how well they could with stand internet attacks from Trojans, worms, and viruses.

SonicWall TZ-210 VPN Appliance: Upon researching this firewall we find this product to be highly secure, it offers...
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