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Topics: Call center industry in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Economy of Bangladesh Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Call center industry in Bangladesh and it's prospects: Today Call center industry is very much acknowledged to everyone in Dhaka city mostly to the students. Nowadays not only in Dhaka city but also in other cities of Bangladesh, this call center industry is rapidly growing and knocking in people's mind. Most of the students, mostly those who belong to a middle class family run for a job in a call center these days. This is such an industry which is giving a chance to the youngsters to have a handsome salary even after completing their “A” levels or HSC. There are two types of call center- Domestic call centers and International call centers. There are two types of work in a call center, voice and non-voice. A lot of people even today have no idea about how a call center works. Even there are some people who are having this kind of misconception that the call center is a place where you just need to receive phone calls as just like the work of a receptionist. But that's not spot on. The call center job is a very smart and respectable job. Even if someone wants to build up his career in a call center industry. The domestic call centers which are well known to all of us such as Grameenphone, Airtel, and Banglalink etc. are earning a lot from this industry and that's why they are able to provide their employees with mostly what they want. Mostly all the domestic call centers nowadays are recruiting employees having a graduation because they know that they can provide the employees with the facilities they should have. Not only phone companies but even the banks and the hospitals are always in search with an employee having a graduation or more than that for their call centers. Relations, ranging from services, technical support,education,customer care, financial services, and online business to customer support, online business to business support are the common activities in an international call center . But the international call centers in...
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